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Your GSAUG membership benefits you in a variety of ways. Each month members receive a copy of our award-winning newsletter, either downloaded from our site, or sent through the mails. The GSAUG board has also established a group membership for our club in the AppleWorks Users Group (AWUG). That means that as a member of GSAUG you gain access to AWUG benefits, including their newsletter, at no additional cost.

We also work to help members better understand their Macs, develop their creativity, and have fun in a variety of ways. Through our monthly meetings, our Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and the growing collection of books in our Share Library GSAUG seeks to keep our members informed about tools and techniques to get the most out of their Macintoshes.

Some of our members are also involved in community outreach activities. This takes several forms: teaching computer classes at the local adult education facility, donating and setting up computers in senior centers, schools and other community organizations, and participating in computer fairs in the region.

We hope you will find this page useful. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.


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New or prospective members can download a sample of our GSAUG Newsletter, in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need the free Acrobat reader to view the newsletter. Our current newsletter, as well as information about AppleWorks User Group benefits and newsletter, are accessible only through our Members Only area.

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SIGs:We currently have four Special Interest Groups within GSAUG.

  • Mac SE Our newest SIG, the Classic Mac SIG is a group within GSAUG comprised of members who have computers that are not capable of running the newest operating system, OS-X. This means computers from the the original Mac 128K to pre-G3 PowerMacs.
    This SIG will help members get the best use out of their computers. The group will explore: where to get parts and service and software for older Macs; how to do maintenance and repairs; and how to upgrade those computers.
    The Classic Mac SIG meets on the first Saturday of each month unless otherwise noted, in the morning. The meeting location is generally La Tercera Elementary School in Petaluma. Alan Wernstrum is the SIG leader. If you are interested in attending the SIG meetings, or have input as to what *you* need from the club in the way of support for older Macintoshes, drop Alan a note.
    You will find details of the next meeting of the Classic Mac SIG on our Next Meetings page.
    In our September meeting, Wayne Till discussed 'FREE' tools and techniques to try first when repairing your "broken" CPU:
    1. Rebuild your desktop quarterly
    2. Run Disk First Aid monthly
    3. Zap your PRAM annually
    4. Throw away the Finder Preferences periodically.
    That discussion was followed by "whats available commercially". Items covered were Norton Utilities, SystemWorks, Spring Cleaning, Norton AntiVirus, Tech Tool & TechTool Pro, Virex, and DiskWarrior. Also discussed was when to upgrade these tools.
    The September meeting also included a discussion of programs serving a narrower set of needs. Font corruption was addressed and SuitCase and FontReserve were suggested to assist in font management for those who feel the need to have a myraid of fonts.
    The meeting wound down with a discussion of bad preference files, repair facilities available, and warranties. Again a very good turn out..

  • OS X Our new OS X SIG will help members with newer computers successfully migrate to OS-X, and to learn about new ideas, software, and techniques associated with Apple's newest operating system. The SIG will provide information that we are unable to cover during regular meetings. The OS X SIG meets on the first Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted, in the evenings. Our president, Kelly Cordellos, volunteered to head this new SIG. If interested, contact Kelly for meeting dates and times.





  • Our New Users SIG meets irregularly as needed to help members new to the Macintosh become more familiar with their Macs. contact Wayne Till for details.

  • OS X Our GS Apple SIG meets separately to discuss software and hardware issues specific to the Apple II GS. Matt Pearce is the contact.







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Share Library:
We currently have over 60 books in our Share Library, on subjects ranging from reference works on the Macintosh to "how-to" books on specific programs and tasks. Watch this space for an update to our book collection, or contact Gil Dias to find out what has been added.

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Petaluma Adult School is part of the Petaluma Joint Union High School District. Classes will begin again in the spring, at which time we will list the relevant classes.

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Outreach Activities for November:
Sandra Warnken found a school in Porterville that needed Apple II equipment. Joel Marone brought her a carload of mostly IIe software. Further correspondence with the teacher, Jennifer Worgan, indicated that she was using Apple II and early Macintosh computers to teach students programming. So Matt Pearce donated some Macintosh computers as did Wayne Till, who also donated programming books and programs for early Macintoshes. We also donated some educational software to La Tercera School in Petaluma.
In October we assisted the Petaluma Adult School in updating one computer, fixing another,and inventorying their Mac equipment. We also put together a Web page for La Tercera. And Marge Windus donated some books and floppy disks for use in the schools. Joan O'Brien donated a laser printer to the Petaluma Adult School.

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Other Services

The Macintosh Disk of the Month has historically been a popular service to our members. This floppy disk offering of shareware and freeware was discontinued after June 2002, though, due to the difficulty of finding software small enough to fit on a floppy, and to the fact that current Macintosh models do not have floppy disk drives.
However, our library of DOMs will continue to be available for purchase. Additionally, we issued a CD-ROM shareware disk in May 2001, which is available for to members for $10. The CD has over 100 programs including games and utilities. The audio section includes Felt-Tip Sound Studio, SoundApp, and Amadeus. Some of the files are very large (e.g. 40 MB), so you may want to purchase the CD merely to save hours of downloading (and frustration). Also included is a demo of PhotoShop 6.0 and Stuffit Expander 6.0. In July 2002, our Disk Librarian, Wayne Till created a new shareware CD consisting of a mix of OS X and "classic" software. Members wishing to get details or purchase either of these CDs should contact Wayne Till.

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