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Macworld Conference & Expo
Macworld CreativePro Conference & Expo, to be held in New York July 14 - 18, 2003 will focus on technology and professional solutions for the creative arts. For details, see our User Group Deals page (Members Only).

Macworld Expo 2003 in San Francisco was a great time for the Mac faithful. Our GSAUG booth, manned by our team of volunteers (hooray for Wayne Till, Kerry Brown, Marta Restivo, Barbara Clark, Jerry Patterson, Joan O'Brien, Rodney Jonk, and Kelly Cordellos!) was visited by more than 100 people. Many of these expressed an interest in our club, and left with our literature. Our team also received commitments from several vendors to speak at our meetings or to provide software for our review.

Macworld and its kickoff event, User Group University, also gave us the opportunity to see what other user groups around the country and across the world were doing. It was inspiring, and the ideas we came away with will be applied to improving the ways in which we serve our membership.

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User Groups
  • MUG Center The MUG Center is a central clearinghouse for the many resources available for Macintosh User Groups.
  • Apple User Group Locator Explore the wide variety of user groups around the world.
  • North Coast Mac User Group NCMUG is the largest Macintosh users group north of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Sonoma Valley Computer Group This computer users group includes Macintosh and Windows PC users in the area around the town of Sonoma.
  • MacTeens Network Take a look at a well-designed site by a group of young Mac geeks. The kids are alright.
  • CHampions Of the Mac Proletariat (CHOMP) Another well-designed site from a Claremont, California group. Nice use of Javascript effects that don't overwhelm the senses. Lots of attitude, too.
  • Mac Valley User Group Nice navigation buttons and overall layout from a San Fernando, CA group.
  • San Diego MUG Professional look and useful content.
  • Corvallis Macintosh User Group (CMUG) Beautiful design, though they need to run a link checker, as several are outdated.

  • Apple II GS
  • Apple II Webring The Mother of All Apple II WebRings.
  • A2Central A very good place to look for Apple II resources.
  • Aurora Area Apple Core Chicago's only all-Apple II User Group.

  • AppleWorks
  • AppleWorks User Group GSAUG members can now access all of the material available through this group. See our Members Only section for details.
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    Print Magazines
  • MacAddict Macaddict is packed with useful articles, how-to tips, reviews, and silly letters to the editor. Our club has a good set of back issues that members can borrow.
  • Macworld The granddaddy of Mac magazines.
  • Macdesign Lots of tips and tricks for Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.
  • MacHome This consumer-oriented publications has product reviews, feature articles, and a how-to section. MacHome was purchased in April 2002 by its former Advertising Director, so watch for changes.
  • E-Zines
  • ATPM About This Particular Mac is an interesting combination of opinions, reviews, and techniques, whose aim is to capture the personal computing experience on the Mac. Read it online or download it in Acrobat or as a web page.
  • Mostly product reviews and opinions.
  • TidBITS Weekly 'zine you can have emailed to you, or read online. You'll find product reviews, a book section, and a lively message board.
  • Mac Net Journal Offers purely subjective rankings of OS X apps by category, has sections on digital photography, wireless computing, and more.
  • Books
  • Peachpit Press Well written, friendly books on graphic design, desktop publishing, multimedia, Web publishing, and general computing.
  • O'Reilly & Associates Technical books on everything from AppleScript to OS X programming, by such well-known authors as David Pogue and David Reynolds of MacAddict.
  • Opamp Technical Books' Macintosh Bookstore Large collection of discount technical books.
  • Apple - Mac OS X - Books Selection of OS X books on Apple's site from a variety of publishers.
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  • Hot News Apple has a useful news site consisting of stories from various media sources featuring Apple products, a schedule of Apple events, a list of OS X software arranged by type, and more.
  • MacInTouch This news site has been around since 1994, so they must be doing something right.
  • MacNN Mac News Network is a very professionally done site with general news, OS X news, reviews, chat and forums.
  • MacMinute Up-to-the-minute Mac news.
  • AppleAudio If you prefer to listen to your Mac news and have QuickTime 5, this is the place for you.
  • Okay, not exactly a news site. Applelinks adopts the "portal" model that incorporates news, reviews, shopping, and anything else they can cram onto a website. The look is busy, but there is good information here.
  • MacSlash Another hybrid, combining news and discussion. Readers can comment on postings and in turn get responses to their comments.
  • RumorTracker gathers rumors surrounding Apple and lets readers rate their quality. The site tracks seven popular Apple rumor sites, including MacOSRumors , ThinkSecret and SpyMac. No hard news here, just speculation.
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    Tips & Tutorials
    As new tips are added to this section, we will archive selected previous tips.
    OS X Tip of the Week: Quick Printing In Jaguar
    Want to print a document QUICK & NOW ??

    Just control-click (right-click if you have a multi-button mouse) on the file you want to print and select the "Open With" contectual menu, now select the "Print Center"

    How cool is that ??

    Source: OSXFAQ Mac OS X Tip-of-the-Day, June 16, 2003

    OS X Tip of the Month: How to back up your Mac OS X Mail
    By Scott Sheppard - Editor-in-Chief - OSXFAQ

    Today we are going to learn how to back up your mail in Mac OS X
    Note - This applies to Apple's Mail application ONLY.
    There are many ways you can back up your Mail. You can back them up to ...

    To back up ALL your mail do this...
    Copy the Mail folder that is located in the Library folder in your home folder (hd/users/home/Library/Mail) to save all of your mailbox contents. This will only let you save your POP accounts or the mail that you have copied to your Mac from an IMAP account (.mac) You can also just copy a mail box to your media. This is called an mbox format.

    To make an mbox copy of a mailbox just drag the mailbox that you want to save from the mailboxes drawer to your desktop. This will make an mbox for that folder. Now you can just save that somewhere else.

    If you want to create an mbox file with just some messages or just one message in a folder just select the message(s) then just choose Save As from the File menu and it will save them for you :-)

    Make sure in the Format pop-up menu to choose "Raw Message Source" then enter the name you want it to be and save the file.
    Source: OSX FAQ Daily Tips

    • OS X FAQ is a treasure trove of information. It has Daily Tips from Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus, news, feature stories, and more.
    • MacTipsCafe is a site that provides tips, tutorials, hints, secrets, and general how-to information for Apple Macintosh computers, especially those running Mac OS X.
    • Atomic Learning offers tutorials in the form of streaming Quicktime movies. While access to most of their tutorials requires a subscription, they do offer several free ones: Orientation to Mac OS X version 10.2, iMovie 2, and iPhoto. Those with dial-up connections may experience choppy movie playback, but broadband users will see smooth presentations.
    • offers a set of forums on a wide range of topics, such as OS X how-tos, system issues, Mac hardware, and more.
    • Mac OS X Features If you are thinking about moving to OS X or are new to it, and want to know about its advantages and features, this page from Apple will get you started.
    • How to Deal With Common Macintosh OS 10.2 Jaguar Problems Randy B. Singer, head of the MacAttorney User Group and co-author of The Macintosh Bible has compiled a handy list of work-arounds for some of the more common issues experienced with Jaguar.
    • The Keynote Page Mac consultant Brian A. Peat has put together an excellent site where you can download Keynote "themes", find tips and tutorials, compare features of Keynote and PowerPoint, and more.
    General Macintosh
  • macinstruct Clean design, well-organized tutorials on everything from basic topics like Maintenance to more advanced topics like Networking and Graphics Editing.
  • Professor Macintosh This set of tutorials is from Mac OS Planet.
  • AppleWorks
  • Buddy Project Tutorials Tutorials on various aspects of AppleWorks version 4. The primary audience is teachers, but can be applied by everyone.
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    Software Downloads
    As new shareware programs are Spotlighted in this section, we will archive selections of previous Shareware Spotlights.
    Shareware Spotlight: Safari Bookmark Exporter
    This handy little application from Ellipsis Productions is designed to export bookmarks from the Safari Web browser program to a host of other Web browsers. After downloading the Exporter application, users can select the desired browser, click on "Export Bookmarks," and then save the bookmark file to the appropriate location. Safari Bookmark Exporter 1.0.3 is compatible with all systems running Mac OSX and higher. Source: Scout Report , June 27, 2003 .

  • MacUpdate MacUpdate has a wealth of shareware, freeware, demos, etc. in categories ranging from Business to Multimedia & Design. You can also sign up for their weekly newsletter to see what new software has been announced.
  • CNet's Tons of software arranged in the usual categories, and rated by users. Good search engine.
  • FontFreak If you are the type that can never have enough fonts, this is a good place to feed your habit.
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    Other Resources
  • The Apple Museum The Apple Museum is dedicated to the history of Apple Computer, Inc. and with more than 350 Apple products listed, the most comprehensive Apple history source on the Internet. Thanks to: Klaar Von Alle
  • Costco occasionally has good deals on Apple-related products. As of this writing, you can find Photoshop Elements 2 (requires OSX) for $79.99. After purchase, there is a $30 mail-in rebate. They also have the Photoshop Elements 2 for Dummies Book for $12.59 (list $29.95).
    Source: Wayne Till
  • AppleCare If you are looking for help with your Apple product, start here.
  • is a site for the .Mac community. Users can share and spotlight their iCal Calendars, Photo Albums, Movies, Slide Shows, and anything else on their .Mac accounts.
  • Google Apple/Macintosh Search Google has a new Mac-specific search page. You can use it to find hardware/software resources, find help with problems you may have been experiencing with your Mac, and many other Mac-related topics.
    Source: Obtaining Help online: Step-by-step by "Dr. Smoke"
  • Inkjets For Charity sorts, cleans and redistributes empty inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges and cell phones to companies around the world that remanufacture and sell recycled products. They even pay postage and donate money to the Sierra Club in the process of recycling. Free dowloadable mailing label on their site. No Epson cartridges though.
  • MacFixIt Contains troubleshooting reports, tips an hints, OS news about bugs and software conflicts, user forums.
  • Streamwaves Streamwaves is a cross-platform music subscription service that gives consumers unlimited jukebox like access to hundreds of thousands of songs by the world's most popular artists. Streamwaves says it is the only music subscription service that currently works on a Mac.
    Note: you must have the latest OS X operating system. The most current version of Internet Explorer and the Windows Media Player for Mac OSX must also be installed. Cost: under $10/month.
  • Version Tracker Version Tracker is a great one-stop location to find the latest version updates for your Mac business software. They now offer their service in three flavors: the free version is for those who want to manually check in with the site to see what has been newly released or updated; VersionTracker Plus has an introductory price of $19.95 for the first year and lets users customize watch lists and news; VersionTracker Pro gives subscribers proactive alerts whenever new updates, patches or upgrades are available for their software, and costs $49.95 per year.

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