Following are the Mac Disks. Email our disk librarian, Wayne Till, for the availability of these Disks if you are interested.

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  Note: We will discontinue the Disk of the Month (DOM) in floppy disk format effective June 2002. There are several reasons for this: recent Mac models do not have a floppy drive; floppy DOMs have not been selling well; and it is increasingly difficult to find programs that fit on a floppy disk. We will periodically issue shareware CDs, and will review shareware programs in our newsletter (with the URL of where they can be downloaded), and will retain the existing DOM library for older Macs.


Mac Disk #.117 June 2002 - Card Games for Virtually all Macs (FINAL DISK)

eFreeCel 1.01
eFreeCell is a Macintosh version of the solitaire card game FreeCell. What sets FreeCell apart from other solitaire games is the fact that it takes skill to win. Traditionally, the most popular solitaire game is Klondike, but it's based on complete luck - the deal of the cards. You also have the option of playing Baker's Game, a variation of FreeCell. This one has easy processor, memory and system requirements: 68030 Mac or greater, System 7.1 or greater (eFreeCell is Mac OS 8 and OS 9 compatible, but hasn't been tested on OS X). Free.

Egyptian Solitaire 1.0.1
This is a simple and addictive solitaire game. The cards are shuffled and 28 cards are dealt face-up and overlapping in the shape of a pyramid. The remainder of the cards are turned over one at a time. You then try to take cards off the pyramid that are either one higher or one lower in value. Shareware $5.

Klondike 7.7.1
Klondike is an updated version of the most popular solitaire card game for the Macintosh. It is by Mike Casteel, who wrote his initial version in 1985. This version includes solitaire versions of Klondike, Golf and Canfield. It plays in full color on color capable Mac's. Sound included. Klondike is a 'FAT Carbon' application, which should run correctly on any system from a MacPlus with 6.0.7 to Mac OS X with Aqua. Its user interface was enhanced to take advantage of Aqua features. Shareware $10.

Solitaire Till Dawn 3.4
Solitaire Till Dawn is a great solitaire collection for the Macintosh! It contains 34 different solitaire card games and offers beautifully drawn cards, unlimited undo and redo of moves, and more. Requirements: any Macintosh or Mac OS compatible system running System 7.0 or later. Shareware $20.

Note: This is the last floppy Disk of the Month for our club. We will continue to publish shareware information in the newsletter and periodically issue shareware CDs. The DOM collection will be maintained for those with older computers.


Mac Disk #.116 May 2002

DMG Mechanic 1.0
This is a simple program for reading and mounting Disk Image files. When you download a .dmg file from the internet, it will not always be automatically associated with the Disk Copy application. Use this droplet to fix this. By doing this, you can simply double-click the file to open it, instead of having to first open up Disk Copy and then mounting it from within the application. DMG Mechanic supports both 'Device Images' and 'Raw Device Images'. A disk image is usually read-only (Device Image), while a Raw Device Image is read-and-write. If the image is RAW, this means you can move, delete, rename and add files to it. OS-9 and OS-X. Disk Copy for MacOS 9 does at the time of writing not support .dmg files. Free.

DiskTracker 2.0.1
DiskTracker is a wonderful Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Zip Disk and CD file cataloger, and a good program for making labels for your floppies, and jewel case insert labels for your Zip disks and CDs. I've been using this program since version 1.4, to make the floppy disk labels for NCMUG and GSAUG Disks of the Month, and to create catalogs of our club CDs. I like the flexibility to select particular levels of large volumes I am cataloging, such as Hard Disks and CDs, where I prefer to see folder names, rather than every file name on that volume. The program requires a relatively small amount of memory and works with Systems 7-9. The program is shareware, $30, or $10 if you are upgrading from previous versions. Get organized...make searchable catalogs (databases) of all those floppies and CDs on your bookshelves! There are two newer versions of DiskTracker, available from, but this is the most recent version that will fit on a floppy.

Mac Disk #.115 April 2002

Screen Catcher 2.3.5
Version 2.3.5 brings an exciting new "Catch-All" feature to Screen Catcher, a popular screen capture utility. Now you can take snapshots of entire web pages, documents, or folders, even if they won't fit within a window. Screen Catcher is a screen capture application capable of taking snapshots of screen images and saving them as PICT, GIF, or JPEG files. It also allows images to be captured to the clipboard, the printer, or to Screen Catcher's own windows, where they can manipulated to change the color palette or reduce the number of colors in the image before copying, printing, or saving. Screen Catcher also has the ability to automatically open your snapshots in another application (like Adobe Photoshop,FireWorks, or ClarisWorks) so you can annotate or modify the image. Requires a color-capable Mac or compatible running System 7.0 or higher, including OS 9.2.1. It runs native on both 68K and PowerPC Macs. Shareware $25.

WorldClock 1.100
Do you need to keep track of time in more than one time zone? Can't remember whether your relatives in London are 8 hours ahead or behind? Here is a nice little application that displays the time (and day) for up to 6 cities at once, and includes a small calendar and time conversion feature. It requires OS 9 with CarbonLib 1.3.1 or newer, or OS X. Shareware $10.


Mac Disk #.114 March 2002

This month we have five free programs, including two which were formerly commercial programs, ACTA and Redux. Since those programs are now free, there is no support for them, although they work well under OS 7-9.

ACTA Classic
Do you want a straightforward outline creation program? Have we got a deal for you! The former commercial program, Acta, has been released into the public domain. That's right, the program you used several years ago is now free, and compatible with operating systems from 7-9. Sure, AppleWorks and MS Word have outliners, but trying to remember how to acivate and use them is a pain. Acta opens quickly and does the job well. Instructions are found in the "Demo" outline file.

CharView 1.1
Your Mac's Key Caps can only get you so far. CharView gives you a complete view of all 255 ASCII characters of any particular font, including all those strange symbols that you had no idea even existed. This package contains three separate apps: one for 68k Macs (requires Mac OS 7.5 or later and Appearance), one for Power Macs (requires Mac OS 7.5 or later and Appearance), and a Carbonized app (requires a G3 or faster Mac running Mac OS X or later). Free.

Cobweb 1.0
Cobweb is designed to work as a companion to Z-Write, Stone Table Software's revolutionary non-linear word processor, but may be used by anyone needing a simple HTML editor. Cobweb is simple, elegant, and efficient. Requires Mac OS 7.5 or higher, PPC. Free.

iTuner 2.7
When looking through your MP3 collection in the Finder, do you notice that several of your files are associated with old MP3 players? This simple little program switches those renegade files to Apple's format so that when you double-click, it goes right into iTunes. Requires: Mac OS-9, iTunes. Free.

Redux 2.6.2
Redux Software has released version 2.6.2 of Redux, their personal backup system for Macs. Redux, which used to sell for $40, is now free. Redux 2.6.2 is now available in processor-specific formats (68K, PPC, Fat) , and features incremental and scheduled backups, filtering, a scripting language, and retrieval of archived information. Redux will backup files to any desktop-mountable device, including external HDs and removable storage media.

Mac Disk #.113 February 2002

DropImage 2.0
DropImage is a very simple to use image viewing program...and more. Simply drop images either onto the application icon in the Finder, or into the DropImage window. The image and information about it will be displayed. In addition to viewing most image formats, the program has the ability to generate HTML information and to facilitate the transfer of images into programs that do not recognize the native image format. Formats Supported: DropImage supports the following file types using Quicktime 2.5 - PICT, GIF, JFIF/JPEG, QTIF, MacPaint, Photoshop (versions 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0), Silicon Graphics image, and QuickDraw GX Picture (if QuickDraw GX is installed).If you have Quicktime 3 or later, DropImage will also read these formats - BMP, PNG, Targa, and TIFF. System Requirements: 68020 or faster, or a PowerPC, Quicktime 2.5 or later, and Drag Manager (included in MacOS 8 or later, installable in MacOS 7.6 or later). Shareware $5.

Geographax 1.0
A challenging HyperCard geography quiz. Geographax contains about 2000 unusual questions about places and people. Each time you play, you get 20 questions picked at random. Free.

Pac the Man 4.5.1
Pac the Man is a simple Pacman clone for the Mac. It has nice graphics close to the original ones and good music, and the gameplay is equal to the original. What makes the game more interesting than the original: 25 different levels; better music; and nicer graphics. System Requirements: 2 MB Ram and at least a 68020 CPU and at least System 7.0. To hear the game music, Quicktime 2.0 (or newer) with Musical Instruments extension must be installed. Freeware

Mac Disk #.112 January 2002 - Children's Books

Have you read a good book lately? This month we have a series of five children's books in text format. Yes, 5 books on one floppy disk! They are in BBEdit format (a great, free text processor), and can be opened in that program or any regular word processor, such as MS Word, AppleWorks, etc. They are too large to be opened in SimpleTEXT, though. All are free. If you enjoy these books, you might want to make a donation of time or money to Project Gutenburg ( Donations may be sent by check or money order to: Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation, PMB 113,1739 University Ave, Oxford, MS 38655-4109. Donations are tax deductible. To volunteer time and effort, you find a book that is in the public domain, you send a photocopy of the front and back of the title page to Michael Hart for copyright clearance, and you scan the text of the book into your computer, proof the text, and submit it.

The Wonderful World of Oz, by L. Frank Baum Free
"Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore" (OK, it's not really in the book, but it makes a great bumper sticker). A story of Dorothy's quest to return home, and gain courage, intelligence and love for her travelling companions.

The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett Free
The Secret Garden is a charming book about a girl named Mary Lennox. She is a spoiled and sickly child who lives in India. When her parents die because of a cholera epidemic, she moves to Misselthwaite Manor to live with her rich uncle in England. The Secret Garden is a book about friendship, determination, and perseverence.

The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling Free
Raised by wolves, young Mowgli is taught the law of the jungle by his animal friends. Slowly, Mowgli learns the language and ways of the jungle animals and his childhood seems quite idyllic. But looming in the darkness of the jungle is the cunning and sinister tiger, who silently watches Mowgli, awaiting his moment to pounce. A childhood adventure set in the jungles of India.

A Child's Garden of Verses, by Robert Louis Stevenson Free
A collection of wonderful poems for children, with memorable phrases such as...

"In winter, I get up by night
And dress by yellow candlelight.
In summer, quite the other way
I have to go to bed by day..."

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain Free
Follow the delightful adventures of mischievous Tom Sawyer, a boy growing up in the South prior to the Civil War.

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