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The GravenStein Apple Users Group began in 1989 as an Apple IIGS group, and has evolved to serve both Macintosh and Apple IIGS users, with most members on the Macintosh platform. At times we have had members in as many as 6 foreign countries, but as of this writing it is limited to the United States, Canada, Australia, and Italy. Membership numbers peaked at about 150 in the early '90s but declined with the number of Apple II users and advent of the World Wide Web, and currently stands at about 85.

Membership in our group entitles you to access our extensive software library, to use our technical support network of volunteers, and to receive our highly regarded newsletter, the GravenStein, which runs 16-20 pages each month. The newsletter is available in paper version and as a downloadable online version in Adobe Acrobat format. Members who take the electronic version pay only $20 for membership and also can download the Disk of the Month (discontinued as of June 2002). Attend our informative meetings in Petaluma, California to see software demos, get answers to questions, learn how others in the club are using their Macs, and more.

GSAUG's bylaws call for annual elections to fill various positions needed to keep our group functioning financially, plan informative meetings, and serve our members. Those elected serve on our Board of Directors and meet, along with non-elected, appointed officers before each general meeting to discuss GSAUG business. We encourage all interested members to learn more about board positions, and to participate by running for office and by voting. Only through your active participation can we keep GSAUG pertinent to your lives and responsive to your computing needs.

Some of our members have created websites that reflect their professional or personal interests. If you are a member and would like to have your website included, please contact the webmaster.

If you need to reach us by conventional mail, our address is:
GravenStein Apple Users Group
P. O. Box751283
Petaluma, CA 94975-1283

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