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Kelly Cordellos

Kelly Cordellos I have been using the Macintosh for over 16 years. Some of you might be wondering why I got into the Macintosh. In the early 80's I had a friend who was into computers, but at the time I was not too interested in them. There was something about that flashing line that put me off. However, in December 1984 I saw my first Macintosh. When I saw the user move the arrow across the screen using the mouse and click on a button that said Print and it did, well that was it. As Steve Jobs put it, I "got it". I understood what the Macintosh was all about. I knew at that point I was going to get one. I saved my money and in January 1986 I received my first Macintosh, a 512K. This was only the second model of the Macintosh. It had a whopping 512K of memory, no hard drive, only a single floppy drive (and only 400k at that), no color, and no modem. But it was a Macintosh, and I could type words and change their style and size. I could center text, shift paragraphs without having to retype entire pages. I could draw pictures and shapes and bring them into Mac Write. In other words, I could do all these things that I never thought were possible before AND do them ever so easily. Since then I have never looked back, have NEVER been tempted to buy Windows, even in Apple's darkest days. I now work for Apple Computers, a life-long dream for all true Mac fans. It will be three years this May. Now I am the club president, see what happens when you do not show up to the meetings?

I would like to close by asking members to e-mail me with suggestions for meeting topics or newsletter articles. Please remember that as an Apple employee, I cannot comment about what Apple is working on or other confidential subjects.


Mac Vice President
Rodney Jonk

Rodney JonkI became a Mac person in 1985, while going to school at Sonoma State University, working on my bachelors degree in Nursing. I was tired of typing long reports and term papers, or, as was the case, paying someone to type them for me. The PC platform seemed too complicated, the Mac was just right. With a school discount I bought a 512e. Later I moved up, i.e. added more RAM to make my 512e a Mac plus. Later I added a 45 MB. external hard drive and completed my studies at Sonoma State, receiving a Master Degree in Nursing, as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

I am currently working for Kaiser, which only uses PCs. In 1993 I bought a Performa 6100. Wow! Color. In January 2000 after Macworld in San Francisco I bought a iMac.

My current interest is to get back into photography and film.



Lorraine McEvoy

Lorraine McEvoyBorn in Santa Cruz, California, I am still very much a lover of beaches and the ocean, having spent several years of my life at the beach with my brothers and sister. When the logging industry died, the family moved to San Francisco in 1940 and dad worked in the shipyards at Richmond, CA. Went to elementary school in San Francisco, junior high in Richmond, and graduated from El Cerrito High School.

After graduation, I obtained employment in San Francisco and moved into my grandmother's house to avoid the commute. Worked in the mortgage loan industry for sixteen years. Married in 1960, divorced in 1976, I was able to transfer to the Petaluma branch office of the company and moved my family to Petaluma in 1975. It was one of the best decisions I ever made! I can't tell you enough about the value of friendship. My friends at work found a house for me to rent, helped me with the move, drove me to and from work, etc. At age 42, I knew I had to be independent and learn how to drive. Which I did, with the help of another lady at work. My next door neighbor helped me find a used car. Friends are wonderful!

Raising four daughters is my greatest accomplishment. They all graduated from Casa Grande High School. All are married. Marlene lives in Oregon. I am fortunate to have three living in Sonoma County. Angela lives in Santa Rosa; Veronica lives in Petaluma, and Tina lives in Rohnert Park. I have five grandchildren, ranging in age from 13 to 16 years, two boys, three girls.

Have been a member of American Business Women's Association since 1985. With Local Chapter #6065, I have served as President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Newsletter Chairman. Currently Education Committee Chairman, selecting students for scholarship awards. Will serve as Secretary effective August 1, 2002. I also serve as a volunteer receptionist at the Petaluma Senior Center.

I enjoy gardening, swimming and bowling. Have been bowling in a league in Petaluma for 20 years.

My interest in computers began when I was forced to learn at the workplace, using PC's. Later, I was forced to learn Macintosh computers as the non-profit corporation that hired me as a bookkeeper (independent contractor) used Macintosh computers exclusively. Retiring in 2001, I purchased my first computer, an iMac. I heard about GSAUG from Laura Mathiesen, attended a meeting and joined GSAUG to learn more about the iMac computer and Mac programs.

Mac Secretary
Joan O'Brien

Joan O'BrienJoan is a native of Petaluma. Several of her great grandparents arrived in the Petaluma area in the 1860s and 1870s and she and her family still live on some of the property purchased at that time.

A graduate of San Francisco State, she taught elementary school for seven years before joining her husband in the restaurant business. She worked as an owner, manager and bookkeeper for nearly 20 years. Moving to a seasonal business they ran a fish camp and RV park in British Columbia for 8 summers. Now they like to travel as time permits.

Joan has a son living at home and a married daughter and a granddaughter born in October, 2000. When her daughter, who now works for Travelsmith in Novato, had to give up a local part time office job to finish college at Sacramento State, Joan learned to use a Mac and took over her job. She has progressed through four generations of Macs from an SE to a G4. She uses a G4 at home and at work for word processing and desk top publishing.



Janice Crook

Janice CrookJan has been a teacher and weaver of textiles for 40 years. She is a designer of tartans for Scotland and America. She designs for organizations, government, clans, and businesses.

Jan was on summer faculty for six years at North Idaho College, and two years at North Georga College, teaching Scottish and tartan history, plus tartan weaving.

Two years ago, she was involved with a large weaving project for the Midwest Weaver's Conference at Indiana University.

Jan has three children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. all residing in Indiana. She lives in Rohnert Park with her black tomcat, Cyn; about 60 teddy bears; collects western art; and collects books and info on her Scottish ancestry.

Jan belongs to GSAUG, NCMUG, Tartan Educational & Cultural Society, International Association of Tartan Scholars, several Scottish groups, six textile guilds across America, and is a charter member of the Santa Rosa Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.


Membership Director
Marta Restivo

Marta pitched in for a second term on the Board, and continues to do a great job of keeping our membership on track. Here's a little on Marta:

I went to the University of Arkansas. There I majored in art for my Freshman year. Then I got married (the first time). This one lasted a short twenty-five years and produced two great children, one boy and one girl. I took up oil painting and loved it. Water color, oil painting, ceramics, then various crafts took my fancy. Knitting, crochet, and embroidery went right along with sewing and everything else. Later, after the way things go, I got divorced and worked for Blue Shield in San Francisco. After living all alone for a time, I met and married the wonderful guy I am now happy to call my husband. I know Mike is a saint because he puts up with me!

My older brother sent me a computer in 1998 and I joined GSAUG that same year. I have taken two classes at SRJC and learned enough to give something back for all the help I have received from the club. I have plans to do more classes. I went up to the Santa Rosa campus to attend Larry Trettin's class, "Understanding Your Macintosh".


GS SIG Leader
Matthew Pearce

Matt Pearce Matthew is from Santa Cruz, CA but now lives in Vallejo, 20 miles south of our meeting site in Petaluma. However, Matt seldom misses a meeting. He is a very knowledgable Apple IIGS user. Matthew is very helpful to users of all Apple II computers and has helped Peggy Johnson with the GS New Users SIG. Matthew can be counted on to write newsletter articles about the technical side of the GS.

Matthew has served as the GS Member-at-Large and Apple IIe Librarian.





GS Librarian & Guru
Sandra Warnken

Sandra writes:

Sandra WarnkenI was born in Phoenix, Arizona at the end of WWII. My dad was career Air Force, so I lived in a lot of different places. I lived on Medocino Avenue in Santa Rosa three different times. I graduated from Santa Rosa H.S. in 1963.

I worked my way through UC Davis to earn a degree in Chemistry. After graduation, I worked in basic research for several years. When I met my husband, it was clearly time to retire to the small family farm to raise children, animals and sugar beets.

It wasn't until our boys were in school and had friends with computers that the subject of buying one came up. Frugality is a part of our farming life, so we resisted getting one for a long time. When we finally did, we bought a second-hand Apple IIe.

The Apple IIe really impressed me. We paid $400 for a well-used computer and printer. Never had problems with it. Of course, when the IIGS was out the boys were wanting color and better resolution and a faster processor for games. We bought a GS when the price dropped to $800.

The boys went off to college determined to get IBMs because "they are better", they said. But I dunno.

I went back to school in 1989. I now have a private practice as a certified hypnotherapist in Vacaville and Dixon. I have used the IIGS in business primarily for word processing and spreadsheeting. Having discovered Pointless TrueType fonts, my GS does all that I require in printing documents. I live a very contented life that way.

I finally went on-line to check out e-mail and getting a web site for business. My curiosity about using the GS on-line is what finally drove me to join GSAUG. There aren't any classes anymore, so a computer users group is the way to continue to get the most out of a really good machine.

Having taken the Assistant Librarian's job, I find I am continually challenged to learn and do more than I would otherwise. I really enjoy what I am doing these days.


Share Librarian
Gil Dias

Gil Dias









Mac Disk Librarian
Wayne Till

Wayne TillOur Disk Librarian, Wayne Till, was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit. He graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT in 1967 with a Bachelor of Science degree, and he served on active duty for 4 years and then 19 more in the Coast Guard Reserve. He also worked as a civilian for the Coast Guard, from 1971-1999, retiring on the millenium.

Wayne was slow to use computers. He had one college course in computers using early punch-card main frames, which he hated. The Coast Guard did not acquire any office computers until the 1980's, and access was limited on the few they had. About 1986, Wayne bought a word processor, and then received training on USCG computers, and by the end of the decade, he had a computer at his desk. But it was his daughter who really propelled him into the computer age. As Sally began checking out potential college campuses, it became apparent that she would need a computer. All of the colleges in which she was interested had Macintosh labs, and most had labs with IBM compatible computers. Wayne had heard that Macs were easier to learn, so that clinched the decision as to which type of computer to buy. His first Mac was a second-hand Mac 512K (no hard drive, and one external 400K drive). To learn about the Mac, he joined a user group, the North Coast Mac Users Group in Santa Rosa. He was amazed at the helpfulness of user group members, and after winning a few raffle prizes, was hooked on user groups. A few years later, he began volunteering in that group and took over as Disk Librarian. In 1994, he joined GSAUG and volunteered to be Disk Librarian, a position he holds today in both clubs. He served as GSAUG President in 1997 and 1998.

In addition to his Disk Librarian job, Wayne has taught the New Users SIG (Special Interest Group), and spearheaded the GSAUG community outreach program.


Raffle Chairman
Richard Shonk

Gil Dias Richard was born in Paris, Ill. He has two sisters. At 16, he left home and moved to Chicago to go to work.

He was drafted, finished his schooling and went into medical training and received a trophy for "Best Trained Medical Soldier in the Regiment." He became a Hospital Corpsman. In the midst of this, he married. Richard went to Germany and was assigned to the Ordinance Supply Depot and traveled over the European Theater delivering vehicle parts. Later he became Platoon Sergeant.

While in Germany, he made friends with several families and was able to sponsor one family for American citizenship.

After the death of his wife, Richard opted to move his daughter, his mother and himself to California where his brother-in-law had a job interview waiting for him. He was hired, and went to work as Service Manager for Electroscale in Santa Rosa. After two years, he went to work for Optical Sciences Group in San Rafael. Eventually he came to Petaluma and worked for Dell Monte Foods.

Richard was forced to retire after falling from a roof and damaged nine vertebrae.

He said as he looked back, he thought he has had a very diversified life and truly enjoyed most all of his experiences.

Richard also works on small carpentry jobs around the house and is building a beautiful doll house for his daughter. A project that has been on going for many, many years.

He loves working on his computer and playing the many games he has collected.


Hospitality Chairperson
Kerry Crook-Brown

Kerry Crook-Brown Hi! I've been kidnapped and am being held hostage by my mother and her computer club. Help!

I am self-employed, and a weaver and craftsman. I like going to the beach, swimming, biking, oldies music, dancing, good company and good movies.

I have three sons and three grandchildren.

I have just recently taken up computers and am having a good time learning.

I am the new Hospitality Chairperson. If you know of someone in the club who needs help, is ill, or just needs a cheery greeting, please let me know. You can use the email address above or call me at 707.585.2587.




Paul & Sam North

Paul & Sam NorthPaul's bio: I grew up in the beach communities of So. California and had my first computer experience in 1966 while taking junior college classes on the basics of mainframe computer programming. Punching Holerith cards, running simple COBOL, Fortran, and Assembly language routines and waiting while the programs ran overnight to find the errors seems now like the Dark Ages. This initial taste of computer technology was short-lived, though, replaced by work and military service.

In 1980 computers became a daily tool rather than a novelty. As a reference librarian using screenless "dumb" terminals at the blinding speed of 30 characters per second, I searched government and public database services. Tedious stuff, but this library also had the first personal computer I ever worked on, an Apple ][. We used it to run our catalog program and a few other tasks. I tried to find reasons every day to use the Apple.

I've worked at Wells Fargo for the last 19 years, and though most of that time has been spend on IBM PCs, I have had occasion to use the few "stealth" Macs in the company.

In 1996 I bought a Mac 7500 and discovered the Gravenstein Apple Users Group. Janet Mobley welcomed me into the group, and Wayne Till can still answer about any question I throw at him. But the greatest value I get from GSAUG are the meetings, where I get to see capabilities I haven't tried yet, like the recent presentation about burning music CDs from vinyl records.

I'm currently Jan Crook's editorial assistant for the GSAUG newsletter, and hope to use my new G4 iMac to make our website an often-visited resource for our members.

Sam's bio: Sam is finishing up at Petaluma Junior High, and will be starting at Petaluma H.S. in September 2002. He's the proud owner of a Performa 6400/200, and regularly looks for scrounge opportunities to boost its capabilites.

Sam likes playing games like Dark Forces, learning ResEdit, and using Photoshop and his scrounged Apple Quicktake 100 digital camera. In fact, the accompanying photo of us was taken on his Quicktake.

His non-computer interests include Legos, Star Wars, and electronics.

He is learning the basics of HTML, and will help keep these pages current as his time allows.


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